Ingeborg Blom Andersskog
Siri Brekke
Rebecca Brown
Tone Einelia
Jenny Mackenzie Ross
Kjersti Sletteland

Kuratert av / curated by David Harris

Fjell Festning’s inaugural exhibition Northbound showcases six artists practicing across Norway, Sweden, Scotland and England. Storytelling takes centre stage as history, memory and myth resonate throughout the exhibition.

Brekke’s work is inspired by the objects and artefacts rooted to a particular place, often with historical significance, from which she makes casts and copies that suggest new meanings and uses.
Her latest series Farsarv/Patrimony is based on the tools and artefacts her grandfather made to practise as a blacksmith artist, a pursuit he abandoned owing to a lack of material and the need for labourers to rebuild the country after the Second World War.

Catalogue design, exhibition architecture, construction, installation & photography: David Harris

Utstilling Kunstmuseet i Nord-Trøndelag: Frå leire til kunst

‘Kunstmuseet har en flott andel keramikk i sin samling innkjøpt gjennom de siste 30 årene.
I denne utstillingen presenteres et utvalg av lokale og nasjonale kunstnere og kunsthåndverkere som arbeider med leire og keramikk som sitt materiale:
 Alvhild Finsberg, Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Katrine Køster Holst, Siri Brekke, Morten Allan Egstad, Anne-Brit Soma Reienes, Arne ÅseTore Håndstad, Unni Johnsen, Brynhild Vavik, Liv Aursand, Keisuke Ueno, Kari Nyquist, Leif Heiberg Myrdam, Hanna von der Lippe, Marit Tingleff, Eliza Kari Wøien, Marianne Thorstensen, Harald Solberg, Asbjørn Hagerup, Elina Brandt-Hansen, Ragnhild Stuberg, Kristin Eidem, Unni Brekke Widenfalk, Tovelise Røkke-Olsen, Thor Alex Erichsen, Geir Jensen, Kari Aasen.’



Northbound | Nordgående is an exhibition of contemporary ceramics, drawing and performance with a focus on process and place, and is the work of a group of six artists from Scotland and Norway.

Together, their work celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of contemporary ceramicists. The exhibition also looks to highlight the influence of place on the artists’ work, exploring, in particular, the cross-border, cultural connections across northern Europe and the region’s ancient and traditional maritime routes. The work is travelling northwards over the next year, its voyage completed at Fjell Festning Museum near Bergen in 2021. In each new venue, the exhibition will be reconfigured by different curators, creating four versions of its own narrative.


AN TALLA SOLAIS is showing Northbound | Nordgående,  an exhibition of contemporary ceramics, drawing and performance with a focus on process and place. It is the work of a group of artists from Scotland and Norway: BIOSENARIO, Ingeborg Blom Andersskog, Jenny Mackenzie Ross, Kjersti Sletteland, Rebecca Brown, Siri Brekke and Tone Boska. The exhibition continues until 15 July.  More details about the artists and their work can be found here.